5 Best Car Scanners in 2018


All car owners want their cars to always be in their best shape. When something seems wrong with your automotive vehicle, you would want it to be checked out right away. For technicians and car owners, the use of car scanners is a big advantage to easily diagnose any problem your beloved car might have. We have gathered a list of the 5 best car scanners you can buy.

1.       Ancel Classic Enhanced Universal OBD II Scanner

This car scanner is made with a classic design meant for quick and easy use. The tool is great even for beginners; just do a quick scan and it will diagnose your vehicle right away and show results using terms that are easy to understand. Another feature that adds to its user-friendliness is that it supports multiple languages and it also comes with a large LCD display.

2.       Code Reader, AQV Vehicle Scanner

The AQV Car Vehicle Scanner is known to specially run diagnostics trouble codes for vehicles US, European, and Asian compliant vehicles after 1996. This tool is filled with numerous features such as a plug and play setting, multi-language settings, and, a bright LCD backlight. It can also turn off check engine light and it is ready for I/M monitor use.

3.       Autel AutoLink Scan Tool

Designed to work for all vehicles manufactured from 1996 onwards, this car scanner is an affordable choice, yet built with numerous features. Not only does it have a color coded LED indicator, it also has the ability to retrieve specific codes from the manufacturer.

4.       Veepeak Scanner

Don’t let its small and compact design fool you. This car scanner operates with activities like what huge scanners can do. It can work on domestic and imported vehicles, it can find the cause of “check engine light” warning, retrieves vehicle information quickly, and it can identify trouble codes for engines.

5.       BAFX Bluetooth Scan Tool

You can easily check your car diagnostics from your mobile device with this Bluetooth scan tool. It works on Android devices and it is compatible with any OBDII compliant vehicle, regardless of the car make.

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