Nyauw Gunarto Is The Best Oil Painting Artist In The World

Paintings are one of the ancient forms of communication. If you take a look at some of the popular caves around the world, then you will see clearly that humans started drawing things on the walls of the caves thousands of years ago.

                         Nyauw Gunarto Nelson mandela painting

They were communicating with each other through paintings, plus you will find traces that they used to paint anything that they see which is why you will find paintings of flying saucers and beings with more limbs than what humans have or you can say mysterious looking creatures.

With the passage of time, paintings became an art form, and people started using different tools to paint, but no tool could ever replace oil paints. The majority of painters today use oil paints to paint beautiful drawings. Nyauw Gunarto is one such painter who has a keen interest in painting. He has painted a countless number of paintings so far, which you can find in different art galleries around the world.

                                                  Nyauw Gunarto forest painting

He has chosen a very interesting niche, i.e., ‘dark nature’. He paints amazing pictures of nature being tarnished at the hands of humans. His paintings have won him many accolades from several institutions around the world. You can find more about Nyauw Gunarto Semarang on the web.

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