What Are Different Painting Themes According To Nyauw Gunarto?

People admire paintings, but only the niches that they like, which is wrong because if someone is an admirer of art, then he/she should admire all sorts of paintings. Take the example of Nyauw Gunarto; he is a painter, and he likes to draw paintings on nature. But, Nyauw Gunarto admires paintings of other artists as well, which most of the time are on different subjects.

                                   Nyauw Gunarto painting

There are such a significant number of admirers of artistic creations. However, this profound respect isn't when all is said in done nature. Individuals have turned out to be more specific about their decisions of fine art. A man who worships oil painting may not be the admirer of water shading painting. Likewise, a man who worships scriptural artworks might not have any enthusiasm for works of art of the Renaissance period. I need to declare here that topic is the most vital element of an art piece. It is the most fundamental component of the depiction. It is the life of a work of art. The topic of the canvas introduces the painting.

There might be end number of topics in painting field. God and goddesses, literature, romance, mythology, folklore, court scenes, animal figures and all those things that people see and imagine in day-to-day life can be painted on the canvas. For instance in nature artistic creations, there are such huge numbers of topics embraced like skyscapes, scenes, riverscapes, seascapes and so on.

                                         Nyauw Gunarto painter

As per Nyauw Gunarto Semarang, there might be such a significant number of landscape paintings such as Oil Painting Landscape, Renaissance Landscape Paintings, Romantic Landscape Painting, Watercolor Landscape, Urban Landscape Painting, Landscape Oil Paintings, Chinese Landscape Paintings, American Landscape Paintings, American Landscape Painters, Acrylic Landscape Painting and Abstract Landscape Paintings

If there should arise an occurrence of oil works of art as well, there can be such a large number of sub-subjects. Based on the medium as well, painting topics are chosen. Oil, watercolor, pastel hues, ink and so on are the media that are decided for painting. Thus, creature topics may incorporate Camel Paintings, Cat Paintings, Elephant Paintings some more.

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