Dog Grooming to Keep Your Best Friend Healthy

Dog grooming is absolutely crucial in keeping your pet's wellbeing. Grooming includes regular brushing and combing to remove dead hair, skin and general debris, bathing and nail trimming as necessary, in addition to looking after your pet's ears, mouth and eyes. We offer excellent dog grooming in Chapel Hill and dog daycare in Chapel Hill NC.

Dog Grooming to Keep Your Best Friend Healthy

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Standard dog grooming will provide your dog with not just a shinier coat but also a healthy lifestyle, also it gives you the chance of spending some ‘one on one' time with your pet. It's very important that you train your pet by dog grooming him in his earlier years with a gentle approach since this way he won't worry when you continue to groom him as he gets older.

Often dogs may look on the grooming routine as a different way of you petting him. Combing and brushing will care for your pet's coat but it's just as important that you attend to his other body parts, such as the ears, feet, eyes and the mouth.


Bathing is a really large part of dog grooming. It's sensible to bathe your pet once every 2 weeks or so, or as often as needed. Brush your pet's coat well before each bath so you eliminate dead skin, hair, and dander from his jacket.

To bathe your dog:

For secure footing, place a rubber mat or a bath towel on your bathtub or sink. Ensure that you are careful not to allow water in your dogs' ears – it is sometimes a fantastic idea to ensure the dog's ears with cotton balls so that you are certain you are preventing the water from penetrating these openings.

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