Benefits Of Synthetic Winch Line


The synthetic winch line was introduced in the late 1990’s. Since then it is being used for mining, commercial fishing and various industrial applications. There are many types of synthetic lines so it can be difficult to select the right one. Following are some of the main benefits of using synthetic winch lines:

1. Safety

Synthetic winch lines are safer than those made from steel as they do not store energy if they are under pressure. Moreover, they are lighter than steel lines, so in case of an emergency if the rope breaks it will just fall to the ground. On the other, if steel line breaks it can cause a lot of damage as it stores energy when under load.

2. Weight

Synthetic lines are almost 80% lighter than steel lines. Apart from being safer, it is also easier to transport synthetic lines. You can easily carry almost 30 pounds more wire in a vehicle. With these lines, it is also easier to rig vehicle extraction, especially in the hilly area.

3. No Kinks

Another main advantage of using a synthetic line is that it is smooth in texture and does not consist of any kinks. In case of steel line if there are any kinks, it needs to be changed immediately as it negatively affects the strength. 

4. Easier to Use

Synthetic winches are much easier to use as they are lighter in weight, have more strength and are also safer to use. These lines do not have any meat hooks that can injure the workers’ hands.

Apart from these benefits, they can easily be used in electric cable pulling winch.

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