Golden Formula for Successful SMS Marketing

In the era of smartphones, Hindi Online SMS marketing has still kept his space and pace intact. Through app marketing, email marketing, online ads, one can promote own products but through SMS marketing? Yes, but have you ever thought that all online marketing tools work only if you open that particular application, but SMS just pops up on your phone and grabs immediate attention. Let’s understand its elements-

Make your goal SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, & Timebound). Your SMS marketing campaign should revolve around this things. Ask for the permission like you do for emails. Provide them the means to agree for SMS alerts. Your SMS campaign should be compliant with CTIA, FCC, and the Mobile Marketing Association. Follow their guidelines. When it comes to the SMS content, the call to action should be simple, clear and yet catchy enough to lead user towards the purchase. The user should be able to see his/her gain in that content. Treat your loyal customers with the additional love (in terms of offers) – for example, buy 1 get 1, get 50% off etc. Plus, you can show the emergency of the deal such as deal available for one day only, only for valentine’s day etc.

In short, SMS should be clear and informative enough to attract the user attention towards your brand. Rest, a user will do.

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