Care and Maintenance of Natural Stone Aren’t That Difficult!

Whenever you talk about natural stone, it invokes the name of marble and granite instantly. They are the most sought after stones in the category. Their popularity and purchase ratio is remarkable. However, some tile dealers emphasize that natural tiles are a disaster when it comes to cleaning. This statement has no truth in it. These tiles are highly durable and their cleaning process isn't as cumbersome as it sounds.

The plan for care and maintenance of the natural rock is dependent on its chemical composition. As an example, calcite based stones such as marble worktops, travertine, onyx, and limestone ought to be cleaned through neutral cleaners. Highly acidic cleansers can overreact and ruin the end of the stone. The perfect method is to use cleaners intended for the particular stone material.

Care and Maintenance of Natural Stone Aren't That Difficult!

Hence, here are some cleaning guidelines for natural stone worktops:

– Purchase a marble or granite stone cleaner. You can find cleaners. Take the support of a tiling specialist and ask them to indicate a possible cleaner. You can also take support from online portals. They've user-specific information and guidelines to fix your natural stone maintenance difficulties.

– If you've installed calcite based rock like marble or limestone then employ glass coaters under all of the eyeglasses.

– Make sure that the stains and dirt particles are washed whenever the spillage occurs.

– You may also use a penetrating sealer. It prevents penetration of the petroleum and food items in the rock. 

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