How to Turn Off Fast User Switching

Fast User Switching enables you to sign in the computer while other computer users continue to be signed in. While it provides the obvious advantage of not requiring additional computer users to log out in order to logon with your account, it possess some drawbacks. As much as other users are signed in, Windows is employing extra resources on them-in particular when they have kept powerful resource-considerable applications or background services working. If some other computer users are signed in, you also cannot reboot or shut down your computer without having them log out or probability losing almost any open data files they haven’t stored.

You must keep in mind that this kind of hack wouldn't officially disable Fast User Switching. On the other hand, it hides all the switch user interfaces that take place within the Start menu, sign on display screen, and Task Manager. After almost all users have signed out from their user accounts, they might no longer be capable of switch to some other computer users utilizing the Windows screen. By editing registry editor, you can disable fast user switching on windows OS.

Turn Off Fast User Switching Via Registry Editor

Getting started, open the Registry Editor by hitting Start and writing “regedit.” Press Enter to start Registry Editor.

Within the Registry Editor, use the left sidebar to navigate to the following key:


Following that, you’re about to generate a different value inside the System key. Right-click the System key and pick New > DWORD (32-bit) Value. Make this value “HideFastUserSwitching.”

Double-click the new HideFastUserSwitching value to open its properties pane. Change the value within the “Value data” box from 0 to 1 and after that simply click “OK.”

You can now close Registry Editor. You’ll have to log out of all pc user profiles that appears to be currently signed in (or restart laptop) and after that log back with any accounts you wish. As soon as you’ve signed in, you can look at the change by opening the Start menu and verifying that the method to change to other users is not existing.

To turn back update, just follow the same procedures and make the HideFastUserSwitching value back in 0 or delete the value completely.

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