Tips For Selecting A Cable Pusher

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Finding the right equipment for a cable installation job is a blessing. It not only makes the work easier, but can help one save a lot of time. A cable pusher is extremely important for any cable installation, hence below is a list of tips for selecting the right one.

1. Do your research beforehand

It is your responsibility as an electrician or a cable installer to be aware of all the details of your project as well as the environment you are going to work in. This includes things such as knowing the length and type of the raceway, degree of bends and other friction coefficients beforehand. Moreover, it is important to understand that each project or job might be different from the previous one. Hence, you must read the project specifications carefully before hand and be aware of the building codes. This is to determine the type or brand of cable pusher to use. Choose the one which meets the requirements of this project in the best way possible.

2. Know your equipment

 Before taking your new cable pusher at work, you must be fully aware of how to operate it. Every cable pusher would come with a manufacturer’s instruction manual. You must read it before going to work. Also, if you have decided to purchase a second-hand cable pusher, it is important that you inspect the condition of this equipment before buying it.

3. Budgeting

You must set a budget before going shopping for a cable pusher. You can also explore options for getting one on rent or perhaps investing in a second hand one if you have budgetary constraints.

Therefore, consider the aforementioned tips before getting your cable pusher machine.

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