Why is there a sudden resurgence of Indian artists?

Paintings have not only mesmerized people from across the world, but they had a profound effect on those people that have actually understood its consequences. Good quality paintings, till date, have been able to bring about a lot of change in the mindset of people. Therefore, one needs to understand that the paintings of today, particularly done by masters like Thota Vaikuntam will be able to hold a significant amount of importance in the current Indian painting scenario that we are looking forward to.

The quality and the classic painting structure undertaken by Thota Vaikuntam is such that it cannot be quantified as simply a classical piece, but rather it showcases the frugal nature of our lifestyle. We have been able to understand and get a qualitative understanding on everything that we are bound to think about. Overall, it can be said that the basic use of good quality paintings for any country is not only to showcase the beauty behind it, but also about the cultural integrity and lifestyle that the people lead in those places. It effectively shows a mirror to the society, so much so that people will actually be able to undertake and realize its importance as the day goes by.

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