Safe work procedure for cable pulling

Cable pulling and manufacturing involves many risks. There are various hazards associated to this field. The problem with installation and manufacturing is that people often pursue the shortcuts to obtain the result. It is better to follow the safety manual than to indulge yourself in jeopardy. Here are some tips to undergo a safe work procedure for cable pulling.

Courtesy: ecmweb

1. Job site layout

The construction site managers should make sure that the working site should be free of any hazards. Protection barriers and markings should be visible.

2. Fire prevention and safety

Cable roller stand and wires are a likely to initiate sparks which may lead to a fire. That is why equipment such as fire extinguishers and other gear should be present at the construction site.

3. Radiation

Make sure your cables are kept away from any sorts of radiations. Radiations can have a drastic effect on wires. Safety first!

4. Vehicle safety

Construction sites are narrow and constricted. Use easy pulling machines to transport cables from one place to another.

5. Emergency procedures

List down necessary emergency procedures and make sure your labor force knows who to contact when any undesirable circumstances arise.

6. Medical procedures and first aid

Keep a first aid box at your construction site. Cable pulling and installation can lead to injuries and lacerations. Contact a medic if there is a need for instant assistance.

7. Fiber optic safety

Nowadays fiber optic cables are being used in industrial and household projects. One should adopt safety measures while using this type of cable.

Following these procedures and control measures can help you make your tasks all the more easier!

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