High School Fundraising Ideas

When High School begins in the fall, the attention of our students turns toward extra-curricular activities, whether it is sports, music, drama, field trips, or clubs, or Grad Council. These activities offer many benefits, but unfortunately most, if not all, are funded by the participants themselves. For parents, this means fundraising. 

With all the High School Fundraising Ideas  that will be populated to support these extra costs, many will involve selling products, or collecting fees, or asking for donations. But rather than collecting money and paper forms in envelopes and reaching out to just a handful of parents who respond to your email or meeting requests, it’s time to modernize your school fundraising techniques with Plentti. 

Plentti.com is the modern way to engage your parents and students to fundraise with the use of dashboards and messaging tools that fit into our modern lifestyle. With Plentti, in just a matter of minutes, you can have an effective ecommerce platform to sell any product or service you wish to promote, directly to the supporters you add to your organization. Even better, the revenues are tied directly to your organization and your connected bank account. It’s easy, simple, and free – with Plentti. 

Want to add text messaging, manage availability to events, and increase your reach. Simply upgrade to our basic and premium plans.

Plentti allows you to create your organization as you see fit. Many High School clubs prefer to raise their money independently of the others. No problem! With Plentti, create as many new accounts as you like, allowing Grad Council, basketball, or the drama field trip to manage their own independent fundraising campaigns.

With the need to raise money for these extra-curricular activities increasing, don’t you think it’s time that we found a better way to sell products and collect money, rather than writing checks and sending in paper forms. We do! That’s why we created Plentti – allowing the leader of a group to create a new organization and begin selling products online in just minutes, with ease. 

Start your simplified selling approach using Plentti.com, and improve parent engagement instantly!


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