Why Everyone Needs at Least a Living Trust

In order to protect your loved ones from having to endure years of court procedures and legal fees, the Revocable Living Trust ('RLT') is a widely-used way to avoid the two related court proceedings known as Probate and Conservatorship, and to pass our assets on to one's loved ones with favorable tax planning. You can hire best Santa Barbara probate lawyer via http://www.lawbh.com/santa-barbara-probate-administration-attorney/.

What Is Conservatorship?

Conservatorship is basically meant court proceeding. It arises when someone is not able to manage their financial affairs and it's time to have someone 'step in'. They may have suffered a stroke or are in a coma or some other disabling condition. The court can appoint a 'Conservator' over the person or the estate or both. The conservator's job is to temporarily manage the financial affairs and property of the person they have been appointed for.

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What Is Probate Court?

Probate is also known as the legal proceeding. When a person has died with no will the court supervises the estate, ordering property distributed according to the deceased person's instructions, or if there is no will, then according to local state law.

An executor or personal representative is appointed by the court and he or she has the responsibility to report back to the court as matters are accomplished. Tax returns are prepared and filed. Bills are paid. Mortgages are satisfied. When the court is satisfied that all of the heirs have been identified, the bills, taxes, and debts paid off, the remainder is distributed to the persons entitled under the Will. Dying without a will is dangerous. It can trigger distribution of assets that you do not control and may not have wanted.

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